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Sintra - World Heritage

The area of Sintra has much to offer. From water sports, historical sightseeing, trekking, mountain biking, and much more!

There are several local markets to visit and "Cabo da Roca" (the most Easterly point in Europe) is only a short drive away. Several paradise beaches are within short distance.

All just a 30 minute drive from Lisbon's centre...


Praia das Maçãs


Surfing Praia das Maças, Sintra - Portugal

Tram Praia das Macas - Sintra

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"Praia das Maçãs" (Maçãs Beach) owes its name to a river that used to run in between apple tree fields, and the fruit used to fall into this river that has its mouth on the beach, delivering several Apples (Maçãs) into the ocean and the sandy area.

The sandy area has about 250 meters wide, surrounded by shops, restaurants and bars and handicraft shops, in this place that has become over the years the meeting point of everybody from Sintra, and later from all the Lisbon area, specially on Sundays, either on summer or winter time.

Next to this beach there is a swimming pool with ocean’s water, a children’s park and space for picnics. The beach has also good facilities for sport fishing, on both sides of the sandy area.

Beyond the beach, one of the main attractions is the tramcar with a lovely journey that starts in Sintra (in Estefânia, next to the Sintra’s modern art museum), has a stop in Colares and ends in Maçãs Beach.

The golden sands, the pure Atlantic waters and the coastline with magnificent cliffs turn the Sintra beaches into real pleasure spots. Besides bathing and the radiant summer sun, the Sintra beaches also afford superb conditions for water sports, while the cliffs provide paragliding lovers with excellent jumping ramps. Fishing, surfing, kite surfing and body-board are among the sports most commonly practiced along the Sintra coastline.

You can take the journey from Sintra to Praia das Maçãs on one of the historical trams. Take the tram from Sintra (the stop is next to the Museum of Moderen Art) and ride downhill 13km all the way to the beach of "Praia das Maçãs". The ride takes 45min. and is delightful.




Surfing Sintra - Portugal

Surfing Sintra - Portugal

Surfing Sintra - Portugal

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, declared in 1995 (category Cultural Landscape) this magical place is dominated by steep mountains and lush forests which create a microclimate, always several degrees cooler than Lisbon, with a characteristically romantic mist, just like a fairytale.

The name “Sintra” has its origin in the word “Cynthia“, symbol of the moon in the celtic mythology. The Romans called it “Mons Lunae“, meaning “the hill of the moon“, and there were deeds sacrifices in its honour. This mystical stigma has been maintained until our times.

Sintra is a romantic getaway for people from all around the world, and has always been a place of election by kings and nobles as a country resort, and praised by writers and poets. Sintra has a wealth of cottages and manor houses, some of which now provide accommodation in the form of country-house tourism.

Sintra annually is visited by many tourists attracted by its natural beauties, by its monuments and by the history of the town and, at the same time, to take advantage of the assorted amount of beaches in the region.

Attractions include the fabulous Pena Palace (19th c.), the Castelo dos Mouros (built in the Arabian period, but reconstructed on the 19th century) with its breath-taking view of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, the Seteais and Monserrate Palace, the Capuchos Convent, lost in the middle of the forest filled with histories of solitary monks to tell, and the summer residence of the kings of Portugal: Sintra’s National Palace, right in the city centre. Important and diversified Museums are also available to visit and delight in.

Surfing Sintra - PortugalSintra's confectionery deserves a special mention, particularly the travesseiros (puff pastes stuffed with a sweet egged mixture) and the famous cheese-cakes (queijadinhas), which according to ancient documents were already being made in the 12th century, and were part of the rent payments.
For its environment, history, mysticism, architecture and lifestyle, Sintra is considered to be the most Romantic town in Portugal.




Adraga BeachMost Sintra beaches are of a high quality, both regarding water tests and infrastructures. Besides the best-known beaches - Praia Grande, Magoito, Maçãs and Adraga - there are others which are true paradises that should not be missed.

The Atlantic coast is rich in marine species, both animal and vegetable. Among the mollusks, for example, are octopus, cuttlefish and squid, mussels, limpets, clams and barnacles, among others. The crustaceans found here include various kinds of crab, including spider and rock crabs, lobster and rock lobster, the last two in zones further from the coast.


Adraga BeachAdraga Beach

The access to the Praia da Adraga is made by a winding road and can only be done by car, descending mountains which make you doubt there is a beach below. However, some minutes away from Colares, the fascinated visitor discovers, between two enormous hills, the deep blue of the Adraga sea. Despite all this, it is extremely popular, and it is always difficult to find a place to park your car: so please be patient. The site is extremely beautiful, with both mountain and beach sceneries. Besides the stretch of sand there is a homely restaurant which satisfies all visitors´ gastronomical needs.

Azenhas do Mar - Has a seawater swimming pool.


Praia do MagoitoPraia Grande

Praia Grande is justifiably known as one of the Portuguese capitals for water sports. European and world championships are held each year on this beach. For weeks on end Praia Grande sees the world's best, who take advantage of the unique waves of this beach. Right next to Praia Grande is the smaller beach of "Praia Pequena".

Ursa is a little beach many consider to be "the most beautiful beach in Portugal". Unpolluted and clean, nudists and "textiles" alike share its sand stretches among rocks in a quite and friendly way. The sea is cold and there is no drinking water, but you can spend hours exploring the shores and cliffs around. Allow a good half hour for the climb back up to your car. No facilities.


Praia Adraga

Praia das Maçãs

if you’re in a romantic mood as you travel to the beach, you can catch a hundred-year-old tram in Sintra that will take you to Praia das Maçãs through some fascinating countryside. The golden sand, clear sea and restaurants on the small cliff all combine to ensure a pleasant day out.

Praia da Aguda

Small and peaceful with large parking area though access to beach is by steep set of stairs which are quite nerve racking for those who suffer from vertigo. No facilities.

Praia do Magoito - A small seaside resort at the mouth of the river Magoito. Plenty of facilities, restaurants and cafés.


General Info


Electric current
220V, frequency 50 Hertz. Current sockets according to European standards. Blade plugs require a transformer for 220 volts and adapter plug. You come from the UK/USA don't forget to bring an adapter.

Tap water
Tap water is safe to drink throughout the country, but it is cheap to buy some of the delicious bottled water available.

At bus and taxi stops
There are always orderly lines at bus and taxi stops. Be certain to respect them.


Surf Info PortugalPost Offices
("Correio") are mostly open from 8.00 - 12.30 and 14.30 - 18.00, Monday to Friday.

Main post offices are open lunchtime and Saturday morning.


Surf Tholidays PortugalTourism Offices
You can find Tourism Offices throughout Portugal.
Look for the signpost "Turismo"

Dial 800 296 296 for informations (English, Spanish, French)


You can dial any international number from ANY phone booth in Portugal. , You can buy phone international cards almost anywhere and some boots take bank cards.
If you wish so you can phone from a post office ("Correios"). You'll be allocated a both. Make your call and return to the counter to pay.

International calls to Portugal
+(351) and phone number (the area code is part of the phone number)

Dial 112 throughout the country.

Fire Services/Civil Protection
Dial 117 throughout the country.


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