Surf Camp Salvador da Bahia - Waves in Salvador da Bahia - Brazil

Surf Camp Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Salvador da Bahia area has some of the best surf in South America. With beautiful sandy beaches stretching for hundreds of kilometres, you will find waves for all levels. Some of these spots are well known, some are "locals" only, but come surfing in Brazil with us and we'll guide daily you to the best waves... Check out our surf camp and surfaris in Salvador de Bahia...



Salvador da Bahia Famous Surf Spots

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Espanhol (Spanish): Located on the inside of the Bay in front of the Hospital Espanhol (Spanish Hospital). Reef break of right hand waves known for the historical swells and surfed by Bahia's old time surfers. The South Swell is the ideal - above 5 feet.


Reloginho (Small Clock): Next to Espanhol (Spanish), reef break of extensive left hand waves. It's very unusual to find waves here. The South-Southeast swell is the best - big, over 6 feet and glassy.

Farol da Barra (Barra's Lighthouse): Farol da Barra's (Barra's Lighthouse) small bay, very good and stretched left hand waves. It only breaks in the same conditions as Espanhol.
Barravento (Barrawind) : Constant beach break with peak waves (waves that break forming a rideable wave both left and right), between Farol da Barra (Barra's Lighthouse) and Cristo (Christ), in the outside of Baia de Todos os Santos (All Saint's Bay) and in the North direction. Swell over 4 feet already offers good condition in any direction.
Tonys (Tony's): Good left hand wave with dangerous reef break. East swell from 4 feet already offers a good condition.
Neighborhood: Ondina
Praia da Onda (Wave Beach) : Beach break with rocks spread throughout the spot makes this beach a great choice for beginners, with a fuller tide. 3 feet up of South and Southeast swell forms good waves.
Paciência (Patience) : Narrow bay with regular waves. The very sandy and rocky seabed in this spot makes it hard for good waves to break.
Torrefação (Torrefaction) : Reef break a little distant from the coast. Great right and left hand waves. Good with East and Southeast undulation from 4 feet up.
Quebra-côco (Coconut Break) : Reef break with right and left hand waves. South and Southeast good from 3 feet up. Strong local surfing.
Balaio (Basket Made of Straw) : Extensive left hand waves to the side on the outside of Quebra-côco (Coconut Break). Good from 5 feet up. Strong local surfing.
Pituba : Also known as the Hawaii of Pituba, this right point break used to be stage of very good waves in big swells. However the constancy is low and it's unusual to have good waves today due to the seabed changes.
Neighborhood: Pituba

Cocobeach : In the exit of Rio Vermelho neighborhood it's a left hand wave beach with a mixed seabed that breaks constantly from 2 feet up. However it's not very advisable for surfing, due to the dirtiness that comes from Rio Vermelho. Neighbourhood: Pituba


Adjacent Beaches

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Jardim de Alah (Alah's Garden): Good form right hand waves in front of Jardim de Alah. Place where people walk, jog and do physical activities in the city's margin. 2 feet is already surfable.
Psiu: Spot with beach break and bowled (well dug) waves to both sides. They break with good constancy, from 3 feet up.
Armação (Structure): Beach break in front of Shopping Aeroclube. Neighbourhood: Armação

Pescador (Fisherman) : Next to Armação spot, Pescador (Fisherman) is a bowled (well dug) left hand wave with a mixed seabed. All of theses spots are good from 2 feet of undulation up.

Corsário (Pirate): Good form right and left hand waves. Mixed seabed. Good with South and Southeast swell, from 2 feet up.
3°a Ponte (3rd Bridge) : Right and left hand waves next to Rio Jaguaribe's exit on the beach break from 2 feet up. Reef break in the outside that breaks constantly with undulation above 4 feet.
Sesc: Good beach break with varied spots scattered over the beach. From 2 feet up.
Sereia (Mermaid) : Beach break next to Sereia de Itapuã (Itapuã's Mermaid), where it only breaks with a swell storm. When the swell is 6 feet, it breaks perfect 2 feet there.

Pedra que Ronca (Rock that Snores) : Huge left hand wave with reef break that breaks beside a giant rock way in the outside in Itapuã. One of the best spots with giant East and Southeast swells. Waves break up to 10 feet.

Farol de Itapuã (Itapuã's Lighthouse) : Good and tubular left hand wave next to Farol de Itapuã (Itapuã's Lighthouse). Also breaks big with Southeast swell above 4 feet.
Musa Point: Right hand waves with reef break. North of Farol de Itapuã (Itapuã's Lighthouse). It's sort of unstable, however good waves break with perfect South swell.
Pedra do Sal (Salty Rock) : Right and left hand wave with a mixed seabed right on the inside. Breaks great from 3 feet up.
Cepper: Reef break with very good lefts with Southeast and East swell, from 3 feet up. On the same beach there are rights that are great with South swell. However, it's way on the inside and on the beach break.
Secret: Reef break that breaks good rights with South swells. Good from 3 feet up.

Corrente (Chain) : Rights and lefts with a mixed seabed. Very good with Southeast and South swell. From 2 feet up.


Bahia North Coast - Surf Spots Closer to Us

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Busca Vida (Search for Life): beach begins right after the exit of Rio Joanes (Joanes River). To the Camp and the main spot in Busca Vida it's about 3 km by the beach. The best wave is on a reef break that receives good rights and lefts, mainly with the South swell. Before that there are several beach breaks with good formation that break better with East and Southeast swell, from 2 feet up.
In these beach break spots with South swell the waves close in too much. Neighborhood: Bairro de Abrantes (The Camaçari neighborhood starts)
Stella Maris: Well known beach due to having hosted many national and state championships. Good waves to both sides. Beach break with good formation. From 2 feet up.
Platô do Stella (Stella's Plateau): Big left hand waves with reef break in the outside beside Stella. Good with big Southeast and East swell, above 6 feet.
Aleluia: Lefts and rights on reef break with great form. Better with South swell above 3 feet.
Ipitanga: Several beach breaks spread over the entire beach (2 km). Better in front of Hotel Mamelucos. Good from 3 feet up.
Neighbourhood: Ipitanga (Here starts the city of Lauro de Freitas)
Villas do Atlântico (Atlantic Villas): Long beach with about three spots. All beach breaks with good formation in the outside and reef break more in the inside. Good with East swell starting from 3 feet.
Neighborhood: Villas
Buraquinho (Little Hole): Beach between Villas and Busca Vida in the exit of Rio Joanes (Joanes River) without much option for surfing. Better for kitesurf practice.
Jauá: Fishing colony beach, has a spot called UTI (Unidade de Terapia Intensiva, in English, ICU-Intensive Care Unit). Mixed seabed with lefts and rights. Better with a full tide and swell above 3 feet already offers good surfing conditions. Neighborhood: Jauá
Interlagos (Between Lakes): Beach in a closed condominium of beach break and inside waves. Fast in good days, you bump into some tubes. From 3 feet up
Arembepe: Neighborhood and fishing village, known all around the world for having sheltered in the Hippie Village, that still exists, Janis Joplin in the 70's and many other names of the worldwide hippie movement. On the other side of the village there's a beach called Piruí, with good lefts on beach break and good formation. Good with East swell above 3 feet.
Barra do Jacuípe: In the exit of Rio Jacuípe (Jacuípe River), with East and Northeast swell, there are very good lefts, helped by the strength of the river. With the South swell the wave stars to break on the other side, where there are several beach breaks along the beach.
Scareef : One of the best right hand waves in Brazil. Extensive reef break ending in a small bay. Perfect wave with South swell above 4 feet.
Guarajuba: Neighborhood of houses and condominiums that does not have a good surfing spot. Pretty close to Scareef.
Itacimirim: Good lefts with reef break in the outside. Good with East and Southeast swell above of 4 feet. On the right side of the reef break there's a good beach break for beginners where the wave formation is good and they're not very strong.
Praia do Forte (Strenght Beach): One of the best left hand waves in Brazil. It's a fishing village and has several condominiums. There are about three high quality spots with reef break. The main one has very good left hand waves with a lot of face and good tubes. Good with East and Southeast swell from 3 feet up. (the City of Mata de São João (São João's Bush) starts here.

Imbassahi : After Praia do Forte it's the first beach of Linha Verde (The Green Line) that connects Salvador to Sergipe. There are some beach breaks with regular formation.After Imbassahi, until the boundary of the state, there are endless spots that were not yet explored. However we will restrain detailing information about the spots above, for these are covered by the Camp's trips.

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